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schleswig-holstein, germany, europe
geo: geo: 54.47969-9.06381
vita brevis - ars longa dont waste your time - or time will waste you visual activism
greets from this side of this crazy planet
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2016 dc street expo iii, u.s.a.
2016 crusty creatures ii, canada
2015 amsterdam street art, netherlands
2015 sticker revolution, germany
2015 tlse slaps, france
2015 tf-row stickerbomb, germany
2015 dcss expo ii, u.s.a.
2015 world wide slap convention, japan
2015 sticky fingers, australia
2015 inglorious vandals iii, u.s.a.
2015 bring your black book vi, u.s.a.
2015 slap happy, canada
2015 stick around nr. ii, romania
2015 urban up iii, germany
2015 haze stickers show iii, serbia
2015 shut up and get up, u.s.a.
2015 all stuck up, ireland
2015 in wall we trust v, italy
2014 artbeat ii, croatia
2014 riii stickersexpo, hungary
2014 huge sticker exhibition, netherlands
2014 first sticker expo, romania